Sydenham Fall Fair

Welcome to the home of the Sydenham Fall Fair

The Sydenham Fall Fair has been running for over 165 years and may be the last remaining school run agricultural fair left in Canada.

In partnership with volunteers from the Sydenham Agricultural Society, this fall fair gives over 800 students a chance to show off their talents in a wide range of agricultural activities!

Some children have raised farm animals to show at the fair, while others have made crafts or baked goods, and still others will display the fruits (or vegetables) of their labour in garden club displays.


Fall Fair Booklet

The best part about the Sydenham Fall Fair is that there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved. Check out the Fall Fair book to see all the different ways in which students can participate in the fair. Students can show off their pets, plant gardens, build cars and other creations, create arts and crafts, raise livestock, take photos, and of course we can forget the baking! There really is something for everyone so take a look inside and get inspired.